Red Mountain Hike


Red Mountain Hike
October 8, 2016, 8 am-12 pm
Cost: $40 Member / $50 Non-member
Leader: Dr. Kent Colbath
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

This is Dr. Colbath’s nominee for the best short geology hike in Northern Arizona. Red Mountain is an extinct volcano that erupted approximately 700,000 years ago. A steam explosion from the northeastern flank of the cone exposed the interior of the volcano to erosion by running water, which carved a spectacular amphitheater from black, red and yellow eruptive materials, and sculpted exotic erosional landforms. We’ll get an early start to catch the morning light as we hike 1.3 miles along a gentle grade through the pinyon pine-juniper life zone into ponderosa pine forest. You’ll have the chance to collect xenocrysts, and learn to recognize lapilli, taffoni, hoodoos and slot canyons. Be sure to bring a camera for one of the most photogenic hikes in our local area.

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