Grand Falls Day Excursion

March 4, 2017, 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Leader: Dr. Kent Colbath
Cost: $80 Member/ $100 Non-Member
Difficulty: Easy

Less than an hour away from the Museum of Northern Arizona is one of the great, under-appreciated treasures of the Arizona landscape.  Grand Falls (also known as Chocolate Falls) is 15 feet taller than Niagara, with flows that range from a trickle to a torrent throughout the year.  Early March will provide us a great chance of seeing the falls at their most spectacular.  We will explore the lava flows that created the falls in some detail, including a stop at the volcanic vent that was the source of the lava.  Depending upon the weather, we will have lunch either at Sunset Crater or Wupatki, where we will have the chance to explore some of our area’s other fascinating volcanic land forms. Bring water, lunch and good walking shoes.

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