Vintage Cloud Overlay Earrings


Vintage Hopi Overlay Earrings with Cloud / Rain Design

Artist: Victor Coochwytewa
Tribe: Hopi
Item: CRP96
Size: 6cm long

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One of the pioneering masters of Hopi jewelry, Victor Coochwytewa (1922-2011) served in World War II, returning in 1946 with a Purple Heart. He was among the first to enroll in the jewelry-making training program taught by Paul Saufkie and Fred Kabotie and became one of its most successful graduates. To increase the contrast between the shiny top layer and the dark lower of his overlay patterns, he developed a new technique for oxidizing and texturing the background layer-an approach still used today.

Victor Coochwytewa was one of three Native American elders chosen as Arizona Indian Living Treasures at the seventh annual AILTA award ceremony held in Phoenix in September 1994. This recognition is but one of the many accolades bestowed upon the Master Hopi Jeweler in a career spanning more than half a century.

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