Wildlife of the Colorado Plateau


Steven W. Carothers

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Title: Wildlife of the Colorado Plateau (Plateau Magazine, Vol 57/4)
Author: Steven W. Carothers
Publication Date: 1987


The wide range of habitats on the Plateau is reflected in the diversity of the area's wildlife. "The Colorado Plateau Habitat" Throughout the region, ages of isolation and inbreeding have resulted in the evolution of habitat-specific plants and animals-including endemic species and subspecies found nowhere else in the world. "The Wildlife" The assemblage of wildlife inhabiting canyon environments contains some of the most colorful, diverse, and, unfortunately endangered animals in existence. "Wildlife Management" Although the wild and rugged lands of the Colorado Plateau are relatively unpopulated by humans, the health of the land and its wildlife species are very directly controlled by the federal and state agencies empowered to make management decisions for the human species and their pets and the livestock which interacts with the environment.

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