The San Juan: The Four Corners River


Kathryn M. Wilde

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Title: The San Juan: The Four Corners River (Plateau Magazine, Vol 62/4)
Author: Kathryn M. Wilde
Publication Date: 1991


This issue of Plateau Magazine includes seven views about The Four Corners River. "The Source" Imagine standing in a misty summer afternoon rain at the San Juan River's source-the Continental Divide in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. "East Meets West: The San Juan Confluence" In the foothills of the San Juan Mountains, dense thickets of mixed scrub oak, serviceberry, chokeberry, and sometimes piñon and juniper layer the margins of the open valley floor. Rocky Mountain irises and dandelions dot the richly carpeted grasslands bordering the east and west forks. "The Dammed River" At Navajo Dam, the gurgling melted snow from the San Juan Mountains up north, mixed with the waters of other rivers, is used for hydropower generation. "The Next Leg of the Journey" As it ambles from Navajo Lake toward Shiprock, the San Juan River gains in both silt load and temperature. It also waters the growing agricultural areas near Farmington. "The River Runner's Course" Once on the river, senses are enlivened; familiar routines are shuffled aside; innovation is suddenly a maninstay. "Lake Powell: The Demise of the San Juan River" Once the murky San Juan waters flow past the last steep walls of the lower canyon, the river slows down again. A second reservoir, this time called Lake Powell, backs up behind a huge dam (Glen Canyon) at Page, Arizona.

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