The Palatkwapi Trail


James W. Byrkit

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ISBN #: 0897340906
Ttitle: The Palatkwapi Trail (Plateau Magazine, Vol 59/4)
Author: James W. Byrkit
Publication Date: 1988


The significance of the Palatkwapi Trail is that it was supposedly used by the Hopi in prehistoric times to move from what is now called Verde Valley to their mesas. "The Palatwaki trail" According to Hopi tradition, several Hopi clans at one time lived in a warm, well-watered region to the south, a region the Hopis called "Palatkwapi" - "Place of the Red Rocks." The good life in this place of the red rocks caused these people to postpone their migration to where they now reside on the Hopi mesas. "The Significance of the Palatwaki Trail" The Palatkwapi Trail provides a heritage that ties this region together historically, geographically, and culturally.

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