The Magnificent Ponderosa


Rose Houk

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ISBN #: 9780897341158
Title: The Magnificent Pondersoa (Plateau Magazine, Vol 64/2)
Author: Rose Houk
Publication Date: 1993


The ponderosa supports life for both the animals and the ancient peoples of the Colorado Plateau. Rose Houk discusses how animals, people, and nature affect it's the Plateau's existence. "The Magnificent Ponderosa" Ponderosa pine is an enigmatic species. Although finicky in its regeneration, it is one of the most adaptable of species once established. "Tree, Squirrel, Bird, and Truffle" There are five subspecies of squirrels that live exclusively in the ponderosa forest, which furnishes everything for the squirrels' survival. "Fire and Ponderosa" As a result of fires encouraged by frequent lightning strikes, undergrowth is kept in check, and the needles and branches that fall from the trees does not accumulate in significant amounts. "People and Ponderosa" Ponderosa as a source of wood was a valued commodity among the original inhabitants of the Colorado Plateau and Four Corners region.

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