San Francisco Peaks


Stewart W. Aitchison, Platt cline, Steven W. Carothers, Dorothy A. House, William J. Breed

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Title: San Francisco Peaks (Plateau Magazine, Vol 56/3)
Authors: Stewart W. Aitchison, Platt Cline, Steven W. Carothers, Dorothy A. House, William J. Breed
Publication Date: 1985


This issue describes the peculiarity of the Northern Arizona landscape. "The San Francisco Peaks: A Biological Sky-island" by Stewart W. Aitchison The Peaks-a biological sky-island of conifers and alpine tundra amidst an ocean of aridity and hot summer winds-evoke and emotional response. "The Mountain" by Platt Cline Those of us who live at the foot of the San Francisco Peaks share an acknowledgement and appreciation of the Mountain as the dominant, deeply meaningful fact in our environment, a thing of great beauty which changes moods, colors, shadows, and feeling each minute, hour, day, and season. "The San Francisco Peaks as a Resource: What does the future hold?" by Steven W. Carothers and Dorothy A. House Although the Native Americans depended wholly on the natural resources of the region for their livelihood, the San Francisco Peaks area remained relatively free of significant "man-influenced" visual or ecological change until the western frontier was invaded by the descendants of the Old World. "The San Francisco Peaks: A Geologist's Perspective" by William J. Breed The San Francisco Peaks, rising over 12,600 feet above sea level, are a dramatic background for the city of Flagstaff and dominate the landscape of northern Arizona.

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