James Bishop Jr. Julian Smith, Kathleen Fiero, Craig R. Miller

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ISBN #: 9780897341233
Title: Remnants (Plateau Journal: Land and Peoples of the Colorado Plateau, Vol 5/1)
Authors: James Bishop Jr. Julian Smith, Kathleen Fiero, Craig R. Miller
Publication Date: 2001


Remnants rule on the Colorado Plateau: places, creatures, things, people, words, and meanings that have been left over, left alone, or left out of what we think we know about life in the region. Take a trip and revisit the elusive but commonplace residues that surround us whenever we venture forth in to the landscape, drive a back road, puzzle over an unexpected find, or imagine the reactions of those who came before when they stood where we now stand. "Keyholes" by James Bishop, Jr. with photographs by Janise Witt From a lone Basque shepherd still using a crook to the proprietor of the plateau's last sawmill, there are still people and places that give us a glimpse of the Old West, embraced in the New. "Roadside Subtractions" by Julian Smith A memorable tour of out-of-the-way roadside stops in southern Utah. Is there no limit to the strange affections and passionate eccentricities of our fellow humans? "Room Service" by Kathleen Fiero A personal account by the crew boss of the Navajo masons who keep the ruins at Mesa Verde National Park intact. Without their stealthy work, the astounding ancestral cities of the plateau would tumble back to stone. "A Lexicon of the Lost" From A to Z, thirty-three compact stories about what's lasted and what hasn't on the Colorado Plateau. "Not at Home in the West: The Japanese Isolation Center at Leupp, Arizona" During World War II, nearly 210,000 Japanese Americans were forcibly removed to relocation camps. This little-discussed event in American history comes home to us on the plateau with a look at the isolation center that once stood near Leupp, Arizona. "The Dance Halls of Desert" by Craig R. Miller Early Mormons were a dancing people. Even on the move, they found expanses of flat rock to use as dance floors, and when they settled new communities, one of the first structures they built was a social hall for dancing. Some of the glorious old palaces of dance are now only shells, but the legacy lives on.


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