Perspectives on the Colorado Plateau


Edward Abbey, William J. Breed, Steven W. Carothers, Williiam D. Lipe, Joy Harjo

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ISBN #: 9780897341295
Title: Perspectives on the Colorado Plateau (Plateau V1/1) (Plateau: Land and People of the Colorado Plateau, 1/1)
Authors: Edward Abbey, William J. Breed, Steven W. Carothers, William D. Lipe, Joy Harjo
Publication Date: 2004


"Come On In", by Edward Abbey (with introductory update by MNA Director Robert G. Breunig, Ph.D.) One of the Colorado Plateaus most literate, outspoken defenders talks about how we might begin to understand the significance of this special, strange, marvelous place. "Slicing Through the Layer Cake: A Geologist Looks at the Plateau", by William J. Breed For a Geologist, the Colorado Plateau and the Grand Canyon are a dreamscape, where more earth history is revealed than any other place on the planet. "Canyons, Commitments and Experiences: A Naturalist Reflects", by Steven W. Carothers, Ph.D. The canyon country's plants and animals tell of evolution's prime principles, and in the natural world of the Grand Canyon biologists can find a lifetime of discovery. "Human History and the Plateau: An Archeologist's View", by William D. Lipe, Ph.D. In the Plateaus "secret-filled" ground reside layers of human history, stories of adaptation and survival, of people's relationships with each other, their deities, and the land. "End Note", by Joy Harjo

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