People of the Plateau


Ron McCoy

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People of the Plateau (Plateau magazine, Vol 64/4)
Ron McCoy
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Three great traditions of tribal life which are represented throughout the Colorado Plateau: The Hopi, Havasupai and the Navajo, are discussed in this issue of Plateau Magazine. "The Ancient Ones" Who the first human inhabitants of the Four Corners were, where they came from, and when they arrived is not known; though it is clear that they appeared on the scene not less than 12,000 years ago. "Dwellers In The Canyon - Havasupai" Along Havasu Creek, in a remote side canyon of the western Grand Canyon, live those who call themselves Havauw'Baaja, the Blue-Green Water People. "People of The Mesatop Villages - Hopi" Hopis call themselves Hopitu and Hopitu Shunumu, meaning "peaceful people" or "good of heart, pure of breath." "Shepherds Who Came Down From The Mountain - Navajo" They call themselves Diné, The People.

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