Lost and Found


George Sibley, Gary Ladd, Susan Deaver Olberding, Howie Movshovitz, Kate Sibley, Jr. James Bishop, Greer Chesher

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ISBN #: 713330879528
Title: Lost and Found (Cañon Journal, Vol 2/2)
Authors: George Sibley, Gary Ladd, Susan Deaver Olberding, Howie Movshovitz, Kate Sibley, Jr. James Bishop, Greer Chesher
Publication Date: 1996


The passage of time on the Colorado Plateau is visible in the unending process of geologic change. Seas rise and disappear, and where water once lapped a prehistoric shoreline, dust blows. Rivers etch their progress into rock, forming deeper and deeper canyons, while the architecture of the Canyonlands, the spires and buttresses of stone, gradually tumble down to earth. In these pages we look at some of what has been lost, and what found, in the interaction of people with the land. "Building (+Rebuilding) the River" by George Sibley The politics of rivers are written in stone-but the complex life of a river is not so plain to see. What happens to a river when a dam detains its seasonal flow? Can the process be modified, or reversed, with a man-made flood? "The Haunted Lake"by Gary Ladd A photographer from Page, Arizona celebrates the lake created by Glen Canyon Dam while mourning the loss of the spectacular canyons submerged beneath the cool waves of Lake Powell. "Lost Treasure, Found Jewel" by Susan Deaver Olberding A brief history of an ancient canyon, and the tale of a modern lake. "The Mythic West" by Howie Movshovitz with an essay by Kate Sibley: A Look Behind Hollywood's Dreams The very land itself is a character in the American western movie. Like wilderness and nature, it's always a good guy, standing for what is right and true. A film critic looks at Monument Valley and the movies made there by John Ford. "Edward Abbey Redux: The Colorado Plateau's Angriest Lover" by James Bishop, Jr. What would the "Thoreau of the Southwest" say about recent changes on the Colorado Plateau if he were here today? Edward Abbey's biographer gives us his idea. "Up in the Sky!" by Greer Chesher The California condor is a fable-like lesson in the workings of evolution and the role of Homo sapiens in the constantly changing Big Picture.

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