Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau


Edwin L. Wade, J. Ferrell Colton, Dorothy A. House

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Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau (Plateau Magazine, Vol 65/1)
Authors: Edwin L. Wade, J. Ferrell Colton, Dorothy A. House
Publication Date: 1994


This is a very unusual and special edition of the Plateau Magazine, presenting visions for a new era at the Museum of Northern Arizona, but we also reflecting on the legacy of past accomplishments. "Honoring the Museum's Legacy" With "vast curiosity and endless enthusiasm," our founders Harold and Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton challenged the beliefs of the world they knew. From their remarkable intellectual union would arise a museum, a research center, a nurturing environment for the arts, and a humane consciousness that argued for the rights of Native American people. "A Family Remembrance" by J. Ferrell Colton While Harold and Mary Russell Colton were, indeed, primarily responsible for the creation and development of the Museum of Northern Arizona, they could not have achieved it alone. Other people were involved from the beginning and numerous others as times passed. "Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau" by Dorothy A. House: "A Splendid Province" Many people know the Colorado Plateau's wonders; some know its name; but few probably understand what it is and why it contains such distinctive scenery. "The Colorado Plateau" Whatever its name, this province is so rich in scenic wonder and cultural sites that eight national parks and sixteen national monuments fall within its borders. No other region can claim as many. "Forces That Shape the Land" Climate and vegetation influence the Colorado Plateau's landscape, but landforms dominate. More than any other quality, they define the Plateau's unique personality. "Mountains, Canyons, Rivers, and Bridges" The Colorado Plateau possesses more arches and natural bridges than any other region of the world. These features develop when erosion wears an opening through a relatively thin wall of rock, usually sandstone.

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