Lake Powell: A Canyon Transformed


Anne Weiler Walka

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Lake Powell: A Canyon Transformed (Plateau Magazine, Vol 65/2)
Anne Weiler Walka
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This issue of Plateau Magazine includes five stories about Lake Powell's heritage and what the area is like now. "Lake Powell's Canyon Heritage" Glen Canyon, now inundated by Lake Powell, was a narrow sandstone gorge carved by a 200-mile stretch of the Colorado River. The Glen Canyon dam realized a major dream of the new West: abundant water in the bank for drinking, irrigation, recreation, and power. "Glen Canyon of the Colorado" For most of the time that people have lived on the Colorado Plateau, the canyons of the Colorado River have been an obstacle to travel. In the more than 550 miles from the fort at Moab to the mouth of the Grand Canyon, the Glen offered the easiest crossings. "Lake Powell" Like an enormous tinaja, or waterhole, tucked into stone the color of redware, Lake Powell suggests stillness, a stillness flecked perhaps by the lazy drone of flies or an occasional bird call. "Travel in the Outback" The Glen Canyon basin reaches off from the brilliant blue lake in a dendritic tangle of canyons. Hiking here-on the slickrock, up the side canyons, along the Escalante-is like hiking into another time. "Farewell to the Canyon" Let us keep this remembered place alive in legend. Let us make the story of Glen Canyon a myth, or a parable, for the twenty first century.

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