High Country Wildflowers


III Arthur M. Phillips, Barbara G. Phillips

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Title: High Country Wildflowers (Plateau Magazine, Vol 58/3)
Authors: III Arthur M. Phillips, Barbara G. Phillips
Publication Date: 1987


This issue is filled with colorful photographs descriptive articles about the region's vegetation. "And then came the rains: Wildflowers in Response to Climate" In the grand scheme of weather patterns in the Southwest, Arizona is uniquely situated since it benefits almost equally from two rainy seasons of very different origin. Winter rains produce spring wildflowers, and occasionally spectacular displays in the deserts result from just the right combination of weather patterns. "High Country Habitats" Arizona's northern plateau area has a wide variety of habitats that range from mountain meadows and dry grasslands to forests. Two of the most interesting, and least known, are wetlands and alpine tundra. "Autumn in the High Country" Many people are drawn to the Colorado Plateau in the fall for the "changing of the color" as the leaves of Quaking Aspen change over a time period of two to three weeks in October. To observant viewers, mountain slopes look like patchwork quilts-patches of bright yellow trees, patches of orange trees, green trees, and red trees.

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