Exploring the Colorado Plateau


Andrew Wallace, Diana Clark Lubick

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ISBN #: PLAT1066
Title: Exploring the Colorado Plateau
Authors: Andrew Wallace, Diana Clark Lubick
Publication Date: 1991


This issue covers the first explorers of the Colorado Plateau, the Native Americans and the Spanish conquistadores, to exploring scientists of the Colorado Plateau. "The first Explorers" Until recently, virtually every textbook and history of the region credited the Spanish conquistadores with exploring the Grand Canyon first. Increasingly, however, historians acknowledge the role played by the native peoples of the Southwest. "Spanish Exploration" Like the Indians who developed so many of the trails they followed, Spaniards explored the Southwest for a wide variety of reasons. The last Spaniards to explore the Colorado Plateau were most interested in opportunities for trade and economic development. "Exploring Scientists of the Colorado Plateau" For three decades, scientists roamed the west, usually under the protection of government parties, gathering specimens and taking notes about all natural phenomena that came within their grasp or vision. "A Universal Constant" The articles in this issue suggest that `exploration' is both a relative concept and a universal constant.

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