Dreams and Schemes


Greer Chesher, Roger Clark, Kathleen L. Howard, Diana F. Pardue, L. Greer Price, James Burn, Stewart Aitchison

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Title: Dreams and Schemes (Canon Journal, Vol 2/1)
Authors: Greer Chesher, Roger Clark, Kathleen L. Howard, Diana F. Pardue, L. Greer Price, James Burn, Stewart Aitchison
Publication Date: 1996


The cliffs and chasms of the Colorado Plateau have provided a spectacular setting for visions and visionaries. "Treasure of the Granite Gorge" by Greer Chesher Schemes to mine the treasures of the Grand Canyon rattled around the gorge like rocks in a prospector's pan. There were plans for cable cars to span the canyon, a Hearst Castle on the canyon's brink, hotels cascading over the rim, and mines-asbestos, copper, uranium, and guano. Guano!? "Dreams and Schemes on the Colorado Plateau" by Roger Clark They were as woolly a cast of Wild West rainbow chasers as a sane man would hope never to invest with. Crazed? Yes. Cockeyed? You bet. But also heroes of sorts. "Mary Jane Colter: Designing the Dream of the West" by Kathleen L. Howard & Diana F. Pardue What did a turn-of-the-century Irish schoolteacher from St. Paul have to do with architectural style in the Southwest? Mary Colter's lasting designs at the Grand Canyon. "..If You Can't Help Me, Please Tell Me Why-Letters to the Grand Canyon" by L.Greer Price "Are there vampires and phantoms in the Grand Canyon?" "I am planning a backpacking expedition. I will be accompanied by my fiancée and my faithful dog. Please advise me of your rules and restrictions pertaining to dogs. I assume there are no restrictions for fiancées." Chuckle over excerpts from thousands of inquiries sent to Grand Canyon National Park yearly. "Cowboy with a Camera" by James Burn Earle Forrest went searching for the Old West with a lariat and a camera suspended from his saddle horn. Over a lifetime he found it again and again, and he brought it home in the form of images still treasured today. "All in the Natural Scheme a Parable in One Act" by Stewart Aitchison In the ancient dance of predator and prey, the most dangerous player is still the one with the gun. Why schemes to manage the Canyon's wildlife backfired.

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