Christa Sadler, Patrick Pynes, Michael Kimmelman, Edwin L. Wade

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ISBN #: 9780897341257
Title: Diversity (Plateau Journal: Land and Peoples of the Colorado Plateau, Vol 6/1)
Authors: Christa Sadler, Patrick Pynes, Michael Kimmelman, Edwin L. Wade
Publication Date: 2002


The human need for diversity is satisfied on the Colorado Plateau in ways uniquely characteristic of this part of the West. Diversity here is both spectacular - as splendidly visible in the aerial photography of Michael Collier accompanying Christa Sadler's essay on geoforms - and subtle, as in the complex differentiation between vowel sounds in Native languages. "The Shape of the Land" by Christa Sadler A geologist and naturalist soars high above the Colorado Plateau in her imagination, taking us on an eagle's-eye tour of the six dramatically varying sectors of the region. With spectacular aerial photography by Michael Collier. "An Earth House of Scarlet, Jet, Ochre and Shell" by Patrick Pynes A cross-disciplinary look at how Native languages on the Plateau embrace and express every nuance of the physical environment and its cultural history. "Seasons on the Plateau" A quartet of images by Steve Mohlenkamp celebrates the changing seasons. "Inside a Lifelong Dream of Desert Light" by Michael Kimmelman James Turell's volcano-scale artwork known as Roden Crater is taking shape. Visible to the eye of the artist for decades, it will be completed and open to a public audience sometime within the next two years. Here Turell and the art critic of The New York Times offer a privileged glimpse of this gentle tour de force in the American desert. "On a Winged Prayer" by Edwin L. Wade Ever wondered about the many different shapes of painted birds that fly the surfaces of Pueblo pottery? Dr. Wade looks at the meaning of birds in Pueblo spirituality and the various forms these avian messengers have assumed in Native American ceramics.

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