Canyon Country


Wayne Ranney

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ISBN #: 9780897341134
Title: Canyon Country (Plateau Magazine, Vol 64/1)
Author: Wayne Ranney
Publication Date: 1993


The Colorado Plateau is the Four Corners region to economists and politicians. Promoters refer to is as Color Country, and at least one map maker has labeled it Indian Country. No matter what it is called, its geological diversity is unparalled. "A Southwestern Landscape" Many first-time observers of the Grand Canyon believe canyons are created by a giant crack in the earth and that rivers later occupied these canyons. A closer look clarifies the real relationship between canyons and rivers. "The Canyons of Canyon Country" The more we study our planet through the "microscope" called Canyon Country, the more we see that all of its history is connected. One landscape gives rise to the next-even though no two are seemingly unrelated.

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