Brushstrokes on the Plateau


Katherin L. Chase

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Title: Brushstrokes on the Plateau
Author: Katherin L. Chase
Publication Date: 1984


The art history of the Colorado Plateau as illustrated by selections from the Fine Arts Collection of MNA. "The Expedition Artist" The first nonnative artists on the Colorado Plateau came out of practicality: the trip was a means for them to earn their livelihood. Their tools of trade-a paintbox and brush-were in demand. "The Illustrators" Illustrators, in the employ of popular magazines of the day, were the successors to the survey artists. Journeymen, with the same tools but a different talent, they too came West to seek their living. "The Fine Artists" For many generations America continued to cling to her European roots, demonstrating characteristic American pragmatism and an implicit recognition of national priorities. "The Role of the Santa Fe Railroad" The Santa Fe Railroad quickly recognized the potential for tourism in the region and mounted an advertising campaign utilizing colorful paintings of the land's scenic wonders. "Twentieth Century Art: A New Era, A New Spirit" With the new century emerged a new breed of artist in the United States. Art became an intellectual pursuit, and artists were free to explore and probe new subjects and new techniques as never before. "The Role of Lorenzo Hubbell" Many of the artists traveling on the Colorado Plateau enjoyed the shelter and hospitality afforded by the region's widely scattered trading posts. The hospitality and lavish entertainment found at the home and trading operations of Lorenzo Hubbell at Ganado quickly gained wide renown. "The American Folk Hero: The Cowboy" The mystique and romance surrounding the lifestyle of this solitary western figure has so caught the public fancy that the trappings and gear of the cowboy life have become an international cliché. "Selected Contemporary Regional Painters" The artists exhibit a cosmopolitan background and sophistication of technique and expression broadly representative of twentieth century American life.

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