Big Picture Archeology


Rose Houk, David R. Wilcox, Ann Weiler Walka

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ISBN #: 9790897341317
Title: Big Picture Archeology (Plateau: Land and People of the Colorado Plateau, 2/1)
Authors: Rose Houk, David R. Wilcox, Ann Weiler Walka
Publication Date: 2005


"Confessions of a Forest Hermit", by Rose Houk. A brief biography on David Wilcox, Ph.D., archaeologist and author of this issue. "Big Issues-New Synthesis", by David R. Wilcox, Ph.D. New philosophies, technologies, collaborations, and findings all mean that it's time to take another look at "Big Picture" archeology in the Southwest. "Perry Mesa and its World", by David R. Wilcox, Ph.D. Who were friends and who were foes in central Arizona in the fourteenth century? And how did that influence where people lived? Perry Mesa may shed light on these intriguing questions. "Things Chaco-A Peregrine Perspective", by David R. Wilcox, Ph.D. Many theories have been proposed to explain the secrets of Chaco Canyon. It now seems time to seek common ground and recognize differences that may remain. End note: "Making a Home," Poem by Ann Weiler Walka

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