Before the Anasazi: Early Man on the Colorado Plateau


Larry D. Agenbroad

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ISBN #: 9780897341011
Title: Before the Anasazi: Early Man on the Colorado Plateau (Plateau Magazine, Vol 61/2)
Author: Larry D. Agenbroad
Publication Date: 1993


Until just a few years ago, most archeologists denied the presence of early man on the Colorado Plateau. New evidence, however, has forced the rethinking of this position. "The Pleistocene Environment" Before we can understand how early man came to be on the Colorado Plateau or how he survived there, we must examine the physical conditions present in this area during the late Pleistocene. "A Philosophical and Historical Perspective" Several problems are inherent with a discussion of early human cultures on the Colorado Plateau. The foremost of these is the preoccupation of the vast majority of the archaeological community with Anasazi (ceramic) archaeology. As we near the end of the twentieth century, some of these research problems appear solvable. "Early Paleo-Indian Cultures" While there is some evidence (in the form of scattered projectile points) that these groups lived and hunted on the Colorado Plateau, no one has yet plotted their distribution in detail or studied their chronological interval on the plateau. "Hunters and Gatherers: the Archaic Peoples" The particular timeframe assigned to this cultural stage varies with location and group. The Archaic fills the temporal and cultural gap between the big-game (mammoth and bison) hunters and the later sedentary or semi-sedentary horticulturalists and agriculturalists dependent on a corn-bean-squash resource base. "Environmental Change" There is increasing evidence of rather dramatic change in the climate of the Colorado Plateau area through the Holocene. In the 1940's, geologists used this information to produce a geoclimactic model that has been championed and vilified by later researchers.

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