Animals and People


Pattiann Rogers, Scott Thybony, Barry Albright, Peter Friederici, Con Slobodchikoff, Doug Von Gausiq, Terri Likens

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ISBN #: 9780897341264
Title: Animals and People (Plateau Journal: Land and Peoples of the Colorado Plateau, Vol 6/2)
Authors: Pattiann Rogers, Scott Thybony, Barry Albright, Peter Friederici, Con Slobodchikoff, Doug Von Gausiq, Terri Likens
Publication Date: 2002


The human animal shares a complex relationship with other living creatures of the Colorado Plateau. They are food for our bodies to food for our imaginations and artistic expression. However multifaceted our connections with them, as Pattiann Rogers writes, "We will never, we cannot leave them alone, even the tiniest one, ever, because we know we are one with them." We continually strive to understand the delicate balance and deep connections between their lives and our own. "The Human Heart in Conflict with Itself" by Pattiann Rogers "Some of us like to sculpt them and make statues and carvings of them. Some of us like to compose music about them and sing about them. And some of us like to write about them." Ppoetry that explores the intricate and sometimes contradictory relationship between people and their fellow animals. "Cliff Notes" by Scott Thybony A the unique pictograph of a fossilized dinosaur footprint: how prehistoric people might have interpreted these mysterious signs of a departed beast? Followed by a note about paleontology at the Museum of Northern Arizona. "The Search for False Monsters" by Peter Friederici A field biologist receives an unexpected gift in a pair of entwined rattlesnakes that become a healing talisman as he recovers from an injury. They also open the door to thoughts about fear, joy, vulnerability, and the natural passages of life. "The Language of Prairie Dogs" by Con Slobodchikoff Do prairie dogs talk? Yes, and their language contains a great deal more depth than was previously thought. "Animals in Art" Objects from the collections of MNA celebrating animals of the Southwest. "Listening In: A Conversation with Nature recordist Doug Von Gausig" A nature recordist shows us an intricate soundscape composed of the extraordinary voices of the creatures around us. "Wingbeats" by Terri Likens Three residents of the Vermillion Cliffs area react in different ways to the reintroduction of the giant California condor.

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