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Ted Neff, Kimberly Anderson, Kirk Anderson, Brian Kranzler, Susan Smith, Jason Nez

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Title: Grand Archeology: Excavation and Discovery along the Colorado River, (Volume 7, #1)

Author: Ted Neff, Kimberly Anderson, Kirk Anderson, Brian Kranzler, Susan Smith, Jason Nez

Publication Date: 2012


This 56-page issue of the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Plateau magazine “Grand Archaeology—Excavation and Discovery along the Colorado River” documents initial research results of a 5-year joint MNA and National Park Service project to excavate nine sites along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon—sites that were in jeopardy of being eroded due to river-flow changes following the construction and operation of Glen Canyon Dam. The issue features 38 outstanding photographs by Dawn Kish, taken to document the excavations for a museum exhibit by the same name, which showed at Grand Canyon’s Kolb Studio and at MNA in 2011-12. (The exhibit remains open at MNA through Sept. 26, 2012, and may return to Kolb Studio at a future date.)


This issue of Plateau opens with introductory essays by MNA Director Dr. Robert Breunig, and Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent David Uberaga. It includes 33 additional pages of text by project scientists, beginning with an overview of the project’s goals and discovery highlights, written by MNA archaeologist Dr. Ted Neff, the project’s principle investigator. Authors writing on specific findings include Kim Spurr (prehistoric architecture), Brian Kranzler (stone and ceramic artifacts), and Kirk Anderson with Ted Neff (two articles: one on prehistoric floods and settlement patterns and one on Axehandle Alcove’s more than 6,000 years of human use). Other features include an ethnobotanical chart and text, interpretive drawings by Tim Gibbs, insightful graphics, and three pages of research endnotes. Additional Credits: Editor and Managing Editor, Karen Enyedy; Editorial Assistance, Dr. Ed White; Circulation, Anne Doyle; Graphic Designer, Julie Sullivan; and Printing, Arizona Lithographers.

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