Navajo Weaving

Contemporary Navajo Weaving

To the Dine’ or “The People,” weaving is a sacred art, embodying prayers, ceremonial practices, and ancient beliefs. Beginning in the late seventeenth century, sheep were introduced to the Southwest region by the Spanish, and since that time Navajo weavers have been weaving wool into beautiful textiles.

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Rugs are often classified by their style name, which typically relates to the community or trading post where the design became well known in the marketplace and reinforced in the weaver’s minds like Ganado, Two Grey hills, Teec Nos Pos, Wide Ruins, Crystal, Chinle and so forth. Some weavings styles, however, can describe techniques or elements of design, such as Raised Outline, Twill or Ye’ii bicheii. Each style is different, and is identifiable by its own distinctive design, pattern and color palette.

Wide_Ruins_Rug_4d35db7f730b5.jpg               Yei_Pattern_Rug_4d36169c971e0.jpg               Crystal_Rug_4d35dafd998a1.jpg

Today, more and more individual expression has been emphasized in the elements of design and style. Though many weavers are continuing to work within this regional tradition, others are just as likely to blend two or more styles together. Many artists are now creating their own patterns, to produce magnificent, award-winning rugs, which are entirely different from the old regional trading post designs. Whether weaver’s designs are isolated patterns or part of a regional framework they work within, they represent original creative efforts that will conform to a universal Navajo style.

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