Native American Jewelry & Fine Art

For over 50 years the Museum Shop has been serving both novice buyers and discriminating collectors of Native American jewelry and fine art. We have a well-known reputation for quality, authenticity, and integrity. As one of the most trusted sources of American Indian jewelry, fine arts and crafts in the region, we offer a carefully curated selection of one-of-a-kind pieces purchased directly from the artists themselves. The Shop features art work from Colorado Plateau tribes and cultures including Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Hispanic. Whether you are looking for a vintage treasure, or the latest contemporary masterpiece, the Museum Shop has something that is sure to delight. Choose from a diverse collection of items: Native American turquoise, silver, coral jewelry, Native American basketry, Navajo weavings, Hopi Katsina dolls, Zuni fetishes, fine art paintings, sculpture, Navajo pottery, Pueblo pottery, Mata Ortiz pottery, Hopi overlay, and more. MNA’s Bookstore is known for its large selection of works about the Colorado Plateau’s natural sciences and cultures, as well as rare books from Native American Indian authors. There is a wide selection of videos, DVDs, CDs, exhibition art, T-shirts, caps, calendars and more. You'll find unique gifts in every price range, for children as well as adults. Our Museum Shop and Bookstore have something for everyone, and a knowledgeable staff to assist you in making selections.
We have many more items available in the store. If there is something specific you are looking for please call us at 928-774-5213 or email us. The Museum entrance fee is not required to go to the Museum Shop or Bookstore.